Coronavirus: Now private jobholders seek for Government’s, 2400 registrations have been done in the employment office

government jobs

Many youths who lost private jobs due to lockdown are now embarking on the dream of getting a government job. After the experience of lockdown, such youth are not considering a secure future in private jobs. They want that the future can be secured only by getting a government job.

This is the reason that these youth are registering themselves online in the employment office so that they can apply for government jobs. According to the employment department, a total of 2396 registrations have taken place in the three months following the implementation of the lockdown.

These include a large number of migrant youth of the state. Their number is estimated to be around 30 percent. Similar youth development, Ravindra, Rajan, Jatin, etc. say that their effort is to get a government job.

Information from the helpline

On the helpline number issued by the Employment Office, unemployed youth are contacting for help. During interrogation by the personnel, it is found that he lost his job during the lockdown. They all want to apply for government services. After this, the workers tell them the process of online application. One worker said that 30 to 50 calls are received daily, of which 5 to 10 are like this. All of them are under 32 years of age.

Registration status

Month:           Male            Female             Total
April:               20                28                   48
May:               599              479                 1078
June:              701              569                  1270
Total:                                                        2396

Registration counters have not been started in the department yet. Only online registrations are being done. In the last two months, a large number of unemployed have registered online. Among them, there are many youths who used to work in other states, but now their jobs are no longer there. They also want to try for a government job.
– Mamta Chauhan Negi, Regional Employment Officer (Garhwal Division)


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