Coronavirus Lockdown: Vehicle sales slowed due to lockdown, so many sales in one month

Vehicle sales

According to automobile agencies, sales of more than 350 four-wheelers in a month
Registration of 700 two-wheeler and four-wheelers in the transport department

With the relaxation of the lockdown, business in the automobile sector is gaining momentum. According to traders associated with it, more than 350 four-wheeler and similar two-wheelers have been sold in May. Operators of the agencies believe that the manner in which the central and state government has relaxed the lockdown, it will accelerate the business in the coming time.

Business activities were closed since March 22 due to the lockdown. It also had a direct impact on the automobile sector. Sachin Ajwani, the owner of the BM Hyundai Agency, said that 65 cars were sold from his agency in May. Around 400 such vehicles have been sold all over Dehradun. Ajwani believes that business is expected to pick up now with the commencement of business activities.

Business will accelerate in the coming times

According to Satta, the owner of Sangvi Hero Motors Automobile, a hundred two-wheelers have been sold in May. Before the lockdown, the agency used to sell an average of 250 two-wheelers in a month, which is currently around 100. It is expected that the business will accelerate in the coming time.

700 trains have been registered in May after the lockdown was relaxed and the registration of trains are allowed. Out of which all the cars are of BS-6 model. It is expected that with the increase in the business of vehicles in the coming time, the registration process in RTO will also be expedited.
– Dwarka Prasad ARTO (Administration)


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