Coronavirus in Uttarakhand: Now people will be quarantined with this technology

home quarantined

Now people who have been home quarantined in Dehradun will be monitored through mobile tracking. Dehradun District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava said that the home quarantined people should be monitored by mobile tracking.

To monitor and restrict the movement of people visiting the district, it is necessary to track and monitor their mobile.

DM was meeting with telecom managers of BSNL, Vodafone-Idea, Airtel, and Jio company in the district office auditorium. The DM said that along with tracking the mobile numbers, the list of mobiles of the home quarantine people should be made available to them daily.

Monitoring up to 14 days

Such people will be monitored for 14 days. Also, information about their mobile activities will also be given to the administration thrice daily. With which the administration will get an alert message when the people who have been home quarantined from their home. At the same time, he warned of action under the Disaster Management Act when the people who were home quarantined got out of the house.

DM furious over sluggishness in the verification of records

District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava was enraged at the sluggishness in verifying the records in the survey work of the Khadakmafi area. He instructed to prepare and give the report by 17 August.

Warned of action against the employee for the delay. He asked Naib Tehsildar to complete the settlement work on time when the ARO associated with the survey work was not present. During this time ADM administration Arvind Pandey and others were present.

One Containment Zone Free from Punctuality, One Made

Mohini Road, 16, of the banned Doon, was freed after receiving a coronavirus infection case. On the other hand, after the four people got corona positive in Bhatta village of Mussoorie, the houses around them have been sealed.

District Collector Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava informed that 16, Mohini Road has been shifted out of the Containment Zone after the report of the Chief Medical Officer. Reported that a corona patient was found here on 11 June. The team conducted a community inspection here for 28 days. This area has been left out of the Containment Zone when no new cases are encountered.

At the same time, after getting the corona infection in Bhatta village of Mussoorie area, east of the patients’ house to the Milan point of the Dehradun-Mussoorie highway on the village road, to Ashish Thapli’s house in the west, Chandan Singh Thapli in the north and Rajwant in the south. The area up to the house of Kotal has been declared as a Containment Zone. At present, there are Govindgarh in Dehradun, 202 Idgah Chakrata Road Containment Zone, while Ward-15 Teliwala in Doiwala is punctual.

218 people invoiced for not wearing masks

The Dehradun district administration on Wednesday made invoices of 218 people for not wearing masks in public places. This includes 18 people in Rishikesh, 41 in Doiwala, 73 in Tehsil Sadar, 32 in Mussoorie, 20 in Kalsi, 34 in Vikasnagar.

142 people reached Doon by flight, while 176 people left for other states. At the same time, Gaurav Chauhan, the PRO Doon Medical College from the government department, was elected Corona Warrior.

643 samples taken in the district for corona investigation

DM said that on Wednesday, samples of 643 people have been taken in the district for corona investigation. ASHA workers have supervised 2594 people. 932 people from other states were quarantined after health tests. Anganwadi workers undertook community monitoring of 32236 people. 233 Co-Morbidity states were identified. While 150 people with co-morbidity status were contacted over the phone, their health information was obtained.


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