Coronavirus in Uttarakhand: Corona cases without travel history increased problem, force on department’s forehead

Uttarakhand Corona Virus Update

Udham Singh Nagar is now witnessing more positive cases of corona infections coming from outside states without close contact and travel history. Within five days in the district, 16 corona-positives have been found who have been infected due to contact with close relatives.

Also, there are more than 25 positive cases, which have no travel history. This has increased the challenges before the district administration and health department. Out of a total of 24 corona positive cases found in the district on Tuesday, only one infected returned from another state, Delhi.

Of these, six people turned positive after coming in close contact and 17 after getting corona symptoms in health check-up. Two containment zones were created at Jagatpura in Rudrapur and Haldi in Pantnagar Tuesday after five people were found Corona positive without travel history.

More than 20 containment zones

More than 20 containment zones have been created so far to prevent the spread of corona infection within the district. From July 2 to July 7, there are 16 Corona positive cases in the district that came in contact with the nearest infected person, while there are more than 25 positive cases who have no travel history.

Whereas earlier, corona reports of people returning from other states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, UP, etc. were coming positive.

Without travel history and close contact, challenges have increased. The easiest way to avoid corona is to follow social distance. Containment zones are being built where such cases are coming up. At the moment, all of us should follow the government guidelines.
– Dr. Devendra Panchpal, CMO, Udham Singh Nagar


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