Coronavirus: Closure of Jhanda Ji fair in Dehradun, Darbar Sahib will be open only for a visit

Jhanda Ji fair

The fair, which lasted for a month, had to end on the third day due to Coronavirus
Mahant Devendra Das Maharaj announced the termination of the virus on the possibility of spreading

To protect people from coronavirus, the historic Shri Jhanda Ji fair of Dehradun has been concluded. Mahant Devendra Das Ji Maharaj of Darbar Sahib announced the conclusion of the fair on Sunday. This fair, which lasts for a month, has to end on the third day due to Coronavirus.

Bhupendra Raturi, senior public relations officer of Shri Darbar Sahib said that the coronavirus is on the rise. To prevent the virus from spreading, Jhanda Ji Mela has been closed on Sunday. The fair was crowded.

It was more likely to spread coronavirus. In view of this, all the stalls have been removed. He informed that the historic fair started on 13 March with the flag-off ascension. The fair was to last for a month, but Mahant Devendra Das Ji Maharaj has taken this important decision in view of the safety of the people.

Welcome to the city round due to flower rain

After the ascension of Shri Jhandaji, the historic city parikrama was carried out on Sunday. Devotees thronged in the city circuit. Flowers were showered everywhere on the city circuit and the cheers of Maharaj Ji continued. The beat of the drums kept the energy flowing among the devotees.

Nagar Parikrama started from Shri Darbar Sahib on Sunday morning under the leadership of Shri Guru Ram Rai Darbar Sahib Mahant Devendra Das Ji Maharaj. Thousands of devotees took part in the city parikrama. In the Shabad-kirtans, the glory of the Guru was spoken.

“Lai-lai babo ne phoolan di barkha lai… Aaj di ghadi baba ji roz-roz aave…, mela khushiyanda aanda hai…, phool barsandi jaawa raah teri aave…, har ik di oh sunda…,” was sung. Maharaj Ji’s cheers continued. In many places, the residents welcomed the historic city parikrama with floral rain.

The city circumambulation passed on the laying of flowers. From here, the Parikrama reached SGRR school Bindal via Kavali Road. Here Prasad distributed, puffed rice, and jaggery to the Sangatas. From here, Parikrama reached Tilak Road, Tagore Villa, Clock tower. From here, the circumambulation took place in Sri Darbar Sahib via Lakkhibagh. Devotees danced to the beat of drums and music.

Atithi Devo Bhava: Message given
Sajjadanshin Mahant Devendra Das Ji Maharaj of Shri Darbar Sahib gave the message of ‘Atithi-Devo bhava’ to the companions. He said that the guests at the Shri Jhandaji fair are considered as the form of God. No shortage is left in the hospitality of the people. Maharaj Ji gets support and love from the people of the Jhanda Ji fair.

Shri Jhanda Ji ascent may be held in Matwala Bagh

An important meeting was held on Sunday on behalf of the Shri Jhanda Mela Organizing Committee, in which the officials, members, and associates considered the possibilities of holding the next year’s Shri Jhanda ascension at Matwala Bagh. It was said that at present, due to lack of adequate space in the premises of Sri Darbar Sahib, one has to face difficulties.

The place of flag mounting was considered to be changed in terms of security and facilities of common people. However, it could not be reached at the meeting. The management committee said that only after thorough study and observation of the religious and spiritual aspects will be reached for this.

Ashtadhatu’s flag punishments also considered

Due to the fragmentation of the flag of Shri Jhanda Ji, now the strength of Shri Jhanda Ji’s flag punishment is being emphasized in Shri Darbar Sahib. In the meeting held on Sunday, 87-year-old Sevadar Jagtar Singh said that due to adverse weather conditions, the flag of Shri Jhanda Ji was drenched by the rain, due to which it was plagued.

He said that we have to make the flag of Shri Jhanda Ji with Ashtadhatu in view of the change in nature so that the flag punishment will remain strong under any adverse circumstances. Other members also responded positively to this.

Panchami date discussions were rejected

Mahant Devendra Das Ji Maharaj, this time, on the fifth day of Holi, the rumors of Shri Jhanda Ji’s ascension were not rumored. He said that in consultation with the scholars and Rajpurohits of the country, it was decided to conduct Shri Jhanda Ji’s ascension on March 13. According to astrology, scholars gave the actual date of Panchami on 13 March.


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