Coronavirus: 75 percent of personnel will now be present in government offices

government offices

The government has now decided to increase the presence of personnel to reduce the rate of corona infection and to speed up government work. Now 75 percent of Group C and D employees have been ensured to be present in the offices. Till now 50 percent of employees are being called in government offices. In addition, pregnant or female personnel whose children are below 10 years of age will be called to the office only in unavoidable circumstances. The same system has also been implemented for persons above 55 years of age and sick ones.

On Monday, the Secretariat Administration issued new orders regarding the presence of government officials and employees in government offices. In fact, when the government offices were opened in the unlocked forest after the lockdown, the government had set a limit for the presence of government personnel in the red and green zones. Under this, orders were made to call only 50 percent of the employees in the Green Zone and 33 percent of the employees in the Red Zone.

After the end of the zoning system, it was decided to call 50 percent of employees in all government offices. Now, this order has been changed again. As per the order issued by Secretary Secretariat Administration, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, it was decided to ensure 100 percent attendance of Group A and B officers and 75 percent of Group C and D personnel in all government offices from Tuesday. The order also clarified the position regarding the meetings.

It has been said that, as far as possible, departmental meetings should be conducted through video conferencing. In the event of no video conferencing, it has been asked to keep the duration of the meeting to a minimum and to make provision of two yards during the arrangement of the meeting. It has been said in the order that during this period only necessary officers and employees will be present. All will wear face masks. The living room will be sanitized as per rules. It is necessary to keep ventilation arrangements in the living room.


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