Coronavirus: 11 people joined from Haridwar district in Markaj, Delhi and four from Ranikhet


11 people who joined Delhi’s Markaj are from Haridwar district, out of which 10 from the Bhagwanpur area, belong to village Dada Jalalpur. And one from Mangalore. The location of all these people has currently been declared as Delhi. The district administration is engaged in gathering information about more people.

At the same time, four more people went from Ranikhet, although all the four returned to Marwah. The police have re-medicalized them and sent them to a Quarantine Center for 14 days .All of them have been reported healthy according to their recent medical reports.
Although, there is no confirmation of any involvement in the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi from Rudrapur district. The SSP added that it is being investigated in the district, but there is no information yet. The district has not yet received a checklist of confirmation in this regard from Delhi.

24 corona positive removed from Markaj Bhawan

The Health Minister of Delhi Satyendra Jain, confirmed that so far 24 corona positives have been found among those evicted from the Markaj Building.

He said that ‘we do not know correctly how many people were present there. It is estimated that around 1500-1700 people were in this building. So far, 1033 people have been evacuated from here. 334 people have been sent to hospitals and 700 have been sent to the Quarantine Center.’

860 people shifted from Markaj Building to hospitals

With the help of the Health Department, more than 860 people have been shifted from the Markaj Building of Nizamuddin and admitted to many hospitals in the city. About 300 people are yet to be evacuated.


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