Corona Warrior women to be given priority in the selection of Tilu Rauteli Award, list from districts: Rekha

Tilu Rauteli Award

Minister of State for Women Welfare and Child Development Rekha Arya held a review meeting of the department in the assembly hall. In the meeting, she instructed the officers to seek a list from all the districts for the Tilu Rauteli Award. She said that this time, women who made special contributions in the war against Corona will be given priority in the selection of the Tilu Rauteli Award.

In the meeting, she stressed on making women self-reliant and said that efforts should be made for women’s empowerment. She said that a proposal for the promotion of Anganwadi workers should be made by the end of this month. She informed that 105 Anganwadi workers will be promoted and made supervisors.

Apart from this, the process of selection for the vacant 145 supervisory posts will also be started through the Commission. In the meeting, she emphasized financially strengthening women through animal husbandry, agriculture activities from subsidy based schemes under a single women scheme for divorce, abandonment, and widowed women.

The minister said that women who have made themselves self-reliant, serving migrants, and helping animals during the Corona period will also be given priority in the Tilu Rauteli Award. In the meeting, the Minister of State of the Department said that how many people were benefited under the Prime Minister Matri Vandana Yojana during the Corona period.

Departmental officers will prepare their list. She informed that a review meeting has been called again on June 30 for information on health tests, vaccinations, and other schemes. Secretary, Women Empowerment, and Director, Child Development Courtesy were present in the meeting.


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