Corona virus in Uttarakhand: 19 old women returned from abroad, quarantined 19 people from outside


The home was on quarantine, there is difficulty in breathing, a woman under the supervision of doctors
Sent to STH for swap test, three patients of Munsiyari were kept in quarantine

A 60-year-old woman, who is being dubbed a corona suspect in the state hospital Ranikhet, has been isolated by the health department team. It is being told that the resident of the city and her husband returned from London on March 18 and were at home-quarantine. On the other hand, three patients from Munsiyari have been kept in Quarantine. On March 18, the couple, who returned from London, was placed on home quarantine after a medical examination. The woman had trouble breathing at eight o’clock on Thursday night. Physicians reported to the state hospital have feared a corona infection and have started treatment by admitting them to the isolation ward as a precaution. On Friday morning, the woman’s swap sample has been sent to Sushila Tiwari Hospital Haldwani for examination.

Doctors said that the woman’s husband has no problem. He is also running on home quarantine. On March 5, people from the same family of Munsiyari went to the Khatima wedding ceremony. After returning from there, he complained of cold, and fever. On Thursday night, the doctors referred all three patients to the district hospital as suspicious. Physician Dr. SS Kunwar told that common symptoms have been found in all three patients. As a precautionary three are kept in the quarantine made in the State Museum. DM Nitin Singh Bhadoria told that a person, resident of Ranikhet, who came from abroad, had complained of cold and fever. After which he has been admitted to the isolation ward of Govind Singh Mahra Hospital, Ranikhet. At the same time, the couple (women and men), resident of Chaukhutia, who have arrived from Delhi, have been admitted to the isolation ward in the base hospital after complaining of cold, cough. Samples of the three have been sent to Haldwani for investigation. He said that the samples of another patient admitted to the base hospital, Someshwar. A resident who had come from abroad was sent to Haldwani, whose report has not been reached yet.

Travelers stranded in Delhi reached Tanakpur, health check-up on

Passengers who boarded the Kaushambi depot reached Tanakpur with passengers stranded in Delhi who underwent a health test at the joint hospital here. ACMO Dr. HS Hayanki said that the health of 26 passengers and the driver and operator of the bus was checked. All passengers were found to be healthy. The bus carried four passengers from Khatima, one from Tanakpur, 12 from Champawat, five from Lohaghat and four from Pithoragarh.

Those who came from Goa, Karnataka, Kerala were stranded in Delhi. The passenger from Tanakpur, riding in a bus, has returned from Kerala, who has been handed over to the family by instructing them to stay in the house quarantined. While the passengers of Champawat, Lohaghat and Pithoragarh were escorted by the roadways bus to the destination by the administration.

The woman is isolated by air. She is having trouble breathing, apart from that no symptoms like corona infection are yet visible. The sample is currently sent for testing. She is regularly under the observation of doctors in isolation. The report is awaited. There is no need to be panic.
-Dr. DS Nei, Superintendent State Hospital

Quarantined 19 people from Goa, Kerala, Delhi

The first quarantine has taken place in Champawat amid the threats of the coronavirus in Champawat. These 19 passengers have been institutionalized. CMO Dr. RP Khanduri said that despite being found healthy in the test, these passengers have been kept in different hotels in Champawat as a precautionary measure.

Through the roadways bus stranded in Delhi, these mountain passengers were brought here on Friday afternoon. District Hospital Chief Medical Inspector RK Joshi said that the temperature of all the passengers in the screening was normal. But as a precaution, all these 19 passengers have been quarantined for 14 days in the hotels in Champawat. Apart from this, 5 other people of Pithoragarh district have been sent to Pithoragarh. These people will be quarantined in Pithoragarh.

All guest houses of KMVN acquired for Quarantine

In Almora, the district administration has acquired the Guest Houses (TRC) of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam to form the Quarantine Center for rescue from Corona. DM Nitin Singh Bhadauria informed that a quarantine center will be built in the tourist accommodation houses located in Almora, Dinapani, Binsar, Ranikhet, Monal, Danya, Dudholi, Jageshwar, Ranikhet, Chillianoula.

A drone is being used to monitor in Ramnagar

The help of drones is being taken to take action against those who violate the lockdown. On Friday, drones were monitored in various areas of Ramnagar and appealed to people to stay indoors. Ranger Sanjay Pandey of Forest Department, Kotwal Ravi Kumar Saini, and other police personnel operated the drone from the fire station of Ramnagar.

During this afternoon, after one o’clock in the afternoon, people roaming around and appealed to the people playing on the roofs to stay indoors. In the Lakhanpur area too, people were seen peeping through the windows of their homes watching the drone fly. Kotwal Ravi Kumar Saini told that those who break the rules through drones are being monitored. If anyone comes out during lockdown, punitive action will be taken under Section 188.


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