Corona suspected couple referred to Dehradun, two foreigners also admitted in an isolation ward

Corona suspected

The Corona suspected husband and wife have been referred to Dehradun from the post stone of Vikasnagar. They were reported to have symptoms similar to Corona. The suspect is 55 years old and returned to India from Dubai on March 5. His son lives in Dubai. Since then, his health has deteriorated. Due to which they are being investigated. So far only one corona positive case has been reported in Uttarakhand.

At the same time, two foreigners also reached Doon Hospital on Tuesday after complaining of fever, cold and cough. Whose sample has been taken Both are admitted to an isolation ward. Flu OPD has been started on the ground floor of the new OPD block in the hospital on the instructions of Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Principal of Doon Medical College.

A student was discharged on Monday after completing the monitoring period in the isolation ward at Khosla International House, IIT Roorkee. Seven students, including a foreigner, are now under observation in the ward.

ESMA will take strike if health department workers strike

The Government of Uttarakhand has issued orders prohibiting all the services of all doctors and personnel of the Department of Medical Health and Medical Education, declaring them as essential services.

The strike of general and OBC personnel has been going on for many days against the reservation of promotion in the state. In which health department personnel were talking about going on an indefinite strike to the government. In view of this, they have been imposed ESMA.

Chemists will not give cough medicine without consulting doctor

Cough, cold, fever and pain medicines will not be given at any chemist shop in the state without consulting a doctor. On Tuesday, Food Safety and Drugs Commissioner Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey issued orders in this regard. Instructions were given to sell sanitizers and masks at reasonable prices by putting a rate list at the chemist’s shops.

According to an order issued by the Food Safety Drugs Administration, coronavirus infection remains a serious threat worldwide. The state government has declared the virus a diarrheal disease. The order said that no chemist should give cough, cold, fever and pain medicines to any person without consulting the doctor. For this, advise the person suffering from cough cold to take doctor’s advice.

All drug inspectors in the state have been instructed to follow orders. To make the common people aware of the coronavirus, a rate list of sanitizers and masks should also be put in the medical store.

Please close Corona Ward ‘Tourism’
On the one hand, while people are constantly being advised to distance themselves from corona infected patients and corona suspected patients, some political people are not deterred by breaking it.

A similar situation was observed in Doon Hospital on Monday. Meanwhile, the Government Doon Medical Hospital Administration has increased surveillance in the Isolation Ward. Apart from doctors and the necessary staff, the entry of other people has been banned there.

On Monday, state vice-president of Congress Suryakant Dhasmana along with some activists reached the emergency ward of Doon Hospital. Subsequently, Dhasmana went to the deputy CMS doctor NS Khatri’s room, but he was not present there. So Dhasmana went to the corona isolation ward set up in the hospital along with the nursing staff.

Corona suspect met
There, a boy student studying in a private educational institute admitted to the ground floor and a girl student, who is suspected to be Corona-infected, met her. After that, he went to the isolation ward on the first floor, where corona infected IFS trainees are admitted. Not only this, but the photo of suspected corona patients by Dhasmana knowing about the situation also started running on social media. While there are clear instructions not to make the identification of such patients public.

On the other hand, State Congress Vice-President Dhasmana said that he had come to inspect the governance arrangements for the rescue from Corona. The arrangements made by the government are not enough. It was not his intention to break the rules in any way. At the same time, BJP MLA Khajandas from Rajpur Road Assembly constituency inspected the arrangements in Doon Hospital.

Where they also know the condition of suspected patients. However, he says that he only went to see the arrangements there. He did not go to the restricted area. The principal of Government Doon Medical College, Dr. Ashutosh Sayana said that there is a deployment of guards outside the Isolation Ward. Clear instructions have been given not to let anyone enter there unnecessarily.


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