Corona: IIT Roorkee scientist prepared software, will immediately detect Corona

IIT Roorkee

Scientist Professor Kamal Jain of the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Roorkee has developed an app to identify Corona. This app will give information about corona positive or negative within a few seconds based on the examination of x-ray of any person.

It has been reported that the use of such software has been started in China. However, this is the first claim of its kind in India. Professor Kamal Jain has also made a software earlier, which alerts the presence of coronavirus when it is around the suspicious or positive body.

Corona examination with the help of X-rays will help a lot

Now they have designed a mobile app for corona investigation. Professor Kamal Jain told that the use of this app is quite easy. He told that the person who is suspected to be suffering from corona will have to undergo an X-ray of his chest.

This software will then perform deep learning after scanning that X-ray and tell if the person with the X-ray report has symptoms of coronavirus. He informed us that the demand for the corona test is increasing all over the country. In this case, an examination of the corona with the help of X-rays will help a lot.

Findings by Deep Learning

Professor Kamal Jain said that the data related to X-rays of corona victims has been fed in the app. He said that the x-ray details of the corona victims available on the internet have been uploaded in the software.

After scanning the X-ray of the suspect in the software, it will not only match the X-ray but will also present findings through advanced learning, more than artificial intelligence.


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