Corona: Ban on the operation of 140 buses including Volvo, platform ticket increased, Passport fair closed


Restriction on biometric in ration shops
Platform ticket increased from 10 to 50 rupees
Roadways changed the schedule of many buses including Volvo

People afraid of Corona virus are now avoiding traveling on buses also. If you look at the figures of the Transport Corporation, the number of passengers in the entire state has decreased by 50 thousand within the last three days. The number of passengers from ISBT alone has decreased by 20 thousand.

Due to this, the operation of 140 buses has been banned in the state. The operation of 50 buses from ISBT has been stopped. These include 15 Volvo and 13 Hi-tech buses.

According to Transport Corporation officials, on an average, one lakh passengers used to travel daily in the buses of the corporation, but since Corona is in awe, the number of passengers has come down by half. Due to a shortage of passengers, the Transport Corporation is losing an average of 50 lakhs per day. The drivers-operators have to wait for passengers for hours.

Platform ticket 50 rupees

Platform tickets have been increased from 10 to 50 rupees from 12 pm on Wednesday night at Dehradun railway station amid the panic of coronavirus. This decision has been taken in view of minimizing congestion at the station.

Constant steps are also being taken by the Railways to prevent the spread of corona infection. Passengers and others visiting the platform are also being made aware of the corona. With this, trains are being sanitized and departed. Apart from this, stalls, automatic stairs, and elevators, etc. are also being sanitized. The platform is also being washed with Chlorine. In the same phase, the railway has also been increased from 10 to 50 rupees at Dehradun, Haridwar and Rishikesh stations falling in Uttarakhand of Moradabad division from 12 noon on 18 March. This system will remain in force till April 15.

On the basis of ticket distribution, Haridwar has been placed in NSG-II and Dehradun and Rishikesh in the NSG-III category. Dehradun station director Ganesh Chandra Thakur said that all possible steps are being taken to prevent the spread of corona infection. Many times, travelers also reach their acquaintances in large numbers to leave. To curb this, it has been decided to increase the value of platform tickets. The platform ticket is valid for two hours. Passengers are also being made aware of the announcement system. Local administration is also being constantly contacted.

Decreasing crowds in trains

The trains leaving from Dehradun are steadily reducing congestion. Often, seats are completely empty in trains. On Wednesday, only 400 passengers boarded the Shatabdi Express, while more than 300 seats were empty.

Restriction on biometric in ration shops

Eventually, the state food supply department has also woken up to Corona. Even after the declaration of corona as an epidemic in the state, no advisory was done towards the department. Due to this, the ration was being distributed in all ration shops only through biometric. While doing advisory on Wednesday on behalf of the department, biometric closure has been done as well as an advisory for the employees.

Regarding the corona, there is a fear in the whole country as well as the world. At the same time, the Food and Civil Department of the state was still asleep. All government offices as well as institutes where biometric restrictions were imposed. At the same time, the ration was being distributed only through biometric at ration shops across the state. Ration vendors said that due to no order being issued in this regard, they have to distribute the ration through biometric. Due to this insensitivity of the department, people were at risk of corona infection.

After the matter came to the notice at a high level, on Wednesday, the Food and Civil Supplies Department finally issued an advisory, with a ban on biometric in ration shops and also issued new guidelines for employees. The Department of Advisory uses video conferencing instead of meetings, coughs, colds, and shortness of breath to allow employees not to come to the office, work from home, shake hands with each other, repeatedly Instructions have been given to sanitize the items to be used. These advisories have been issued by Food Commissioner Sushil Kumar.

Passport fair, court and inquiry counter closed

In view of the coronavirus infection, the passport fair, passport court, and regional passport office inquiry counters have been closed till further orders. Also, messages are being sent on mobile to passport applicants who have made appointments for biometric verification that only if it is very important to reach during the outbreak of coronavirus, they may reach for biometric verification. At the same time, the Passport Office is taking all possible precautionary measures. On March 15, Amar Ujala published the news prominently alerting them of the possibility of Coronavirus infection from fingerprints in biometric machines.


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