Construction of roads delayed due to environmental constraints, cost increases

Due to environmental constraints and various obstacles, the proposed work may take more than a year to complete the Chardham Alvedar Road project. With the delay, the cost of the project can be increased by one thousand crore rupees.
Regardless of the relief from the Supreme Court, the work of the project will be completed up to 50 percent till the time limit. The court has approved only those works which are in motion. The Union Ministry of Road and Transportation has to file an affidavit in seven weeks in the court. After filing an affidavit, everything will depend on the decision of the court.
By the time the official sources agree, the Lok Sabha elections will be held and due to its busyness, the remaining works of the project will be decided till May and June. After this, work will not be done in the monsoon. They say that if there is a one-year delay in the project, at least its 10 percent cost will increase. The entire project is worth Rs. 11700 crores.
“According to the instructions given by the Supreme Court regarding the Chardham Alvedar Road project, the work is going on. 50 percent work of the project is in progress according to the target set”, said Om Prakash, Additional Chief Secretary, Loniwi.

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