Constable’s bolero stolen, police report not recorded, deadly steps taken in Kotwali


Questioning the security arrangement of his own department, one constable picked up poison when his Bolero was allegedly been stolen and not getting a report filed in the barracks built up in Mallital Kotwali on Monday.

Before consuming poison, he also shared letters, photos, and videos on social media. When the condition deteriorated, the policemen took him to BD Pandey Hospital, where his condition is being told out of danger. Constable is stationed in the Kichcha area. Here, the police have registered a report of the Bolero stolen late night against dealer Mohan Singh.

Consumed poison in the barrack
According to the information, during his deployment in Nainital Kotwali, Constable bought Bolero from Mohan Singh in 2012, but Bolero could not be registered on his name. There is a dispute between the two regarding the installment not deposited. The constable was called by the DIG on Monday in this regard.

From the DIG office, he went to the barracks built on Mallital Kotwali. During this time, he took poison. After some time the constable Anand Prasad, who came to the spot, was told to have taken to BD Pandey District Hospital when he had poison there.

Constable’s condition out of danger
Dr. MS Duggal, who is doing the treatment, told that his condition is out of danger. It is being told that the constable has already attempted suicide twice. Kotwal Dhan Singh said that the constable has given Tahrir against the car dealer. On the basis of which the case has been filed.

Constable shared an application and photos and videos of having poison on social media before having poison. In the application written to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, he said that he was posted in Mallital Kotwali in 2015. At the same time, Bolero was stolen from the Kotwali campus, which also had his official papers and accessories.

Police did not write any report on the vehicle and goods theft
On December 20, 2015, bolero has been recovered from TP Nagar police station, but he has not got the vehicles and goods due to lack of ownership documents. The police have not written the report of the theft of his vehicle and belongings. He had pledged to file a report.

Constable came with an application. I assured the legal action. After this, it was reported that he had poison. It seems that he has lost his sense of justice because before that he has appeared before many officials. Now doing publicity on social media is doing wrong. It is to be believed that after appearing before the DIG, there will be justice with him.
– Ajay Joshi, DIG

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