Congress leader asks PM Modi and Amit Shah when will BJP build the Ram temple


Uttarakhand Congress Vice-President Suryakant Dhasmana asked the BJP when the Ram temple will be constructed in Ayodhya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the election only after the promise of building a Ram temple in the 2014 elections.

Not even once in five years, Modi visited the Ram Lala. As elections are coming, the BJP has again joined in an attempt to provoke feelings. Talking to reporters in the Congress House, Dhasmana said that since the change of Congress journey, the BJP has become restless.

Neither the Chief Minister nor the State BJP President has answered the questions raised during the trip. To confuse the people, the BJP and its organizations have increased their activism in Uttarakhand. First BJP President Amit Shah, now RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is in Dehradun. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming on 14.

He said that BJP president and other leaders are seeking a response from Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Ram temple. Perhaps they are forgetting that BJP had promised to build a Ram temple in Ayodhya during the elections five years ago.

The Congress vice-president said that in the reconstruction of the disaster, the government issued a white paper on the budget received from the Central Government. The Manmohan Singh government had spent 7.5 billion rupees for the repair. At that time the BJP had called it inadequate. He claimed that the Modi government could not provide such a sum.

As many BJP leaders are coming, they are avoiding talking about Uttarakhand, because the government of the double engine has failed to fulfill its promises. During this time State Spokeswoman Garima Dasuni, State Secretary Rajesh Chamoli, Mahesh Joshi, Somprakash Chauhan, Sandeep Chamoli and Vikas Negi were also present.


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