Confusion among the 1.25 million students about the semester system in Uttarakhand

Thousands of students are confused about whether the semester system will end at the graduation level from the state government colleges during the current education session or the government will implement it from the next education session. Not only students, government universities and higher education officers are also avoiding answering students’ questions.

The state government announced the abolition of the semester system at the undergraduate level from the state colleges during the student union elections, but thereafter neither written orders were sent to the university nor directed to the Directorate of Higher Education.

Classes have been started after completion of admission process in 104 state colleges under Sridev Suman and Kumaon University. In such a situation, the university officials are in the staff to implement the annual system by ending the semester system between sessions. About one lakh, 30 thousand students are enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in this university of the state.

Problem of students will continue

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad was strongly opposing the semester system in the state’s colleges since last year. It was argued that because of the semester system, students are not able to participate in other activities like sports, NCC, NSS.

At the same time, students were affected due to a lack of timely test results from the semester system, no timely examination, behavioral problems such as incorrect assessment were observed. At the same time, academics believe that this problem was also in the annual examination system, which will continue to happen. There was a need to upgrade the University’s system and not to abolish the Credit Best Choice System (CBCS).

Seven professional courses at UOU

Under Uttarakhand Open University, there are 88 courses in undergraduate and postgraduate courses which are diploma and certificate courses besides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The regular courses of the university are run by the annual system, but apart from six courses in computer science, courses like MBA, MSW, Hotel Management, Mass Communication are affiliated to UGC and run under the semester system. While the UOU is under the state government. This year, 58,793 students have taken admission in the university.


The organization argues that the semester should shrink and necessarily shrink. Last month, the secretariat was organized against graduation by the Vidyarthi Parishad, after this movement of ABVP, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and Minister of State for Higher Education Dr. Minister Dhan Singh Rawat announced its abolition.

Student Federation President Ramita Rawat says that she will take time with the Higher Education Minister once again and discuss the end of semester system and other points in this session.

Last year applied semester

After the approval of Sridev Suman University’s work council and Academic Council, the university’s semester system was implemented in the education session last year. There are 163 institutes affiliated to the university, including 53 state degree colleges.

Competitive ability will be developed

According to Shyam Singh Chauhan, former president of DAV College Students’ Union, the University Grants Commission is working on a semester system to improve higher education across the country. Competition ability will be developed among students of Uttarakhand seeking admission in higher education outside the state. The state government is depriving students of global education by returning to the annual examination system.

Announced without homework

According to NSUI state president Mohan Bhandari, the state government announced the abolition of the semester system from government colleges in the state with the intention of taking advantage in the student union elections without doing homework. If the semester system is applied for admission in the postgraduate first year next year, it should be made clear to the government. One lakh students are confused about Sridev Suman and Uttarakhand Open University.

Not received mandate

Director of Higher Education, Uttarakhand, Dr. SC Pant says that no directive has been received by the state government to abolish the semester system. They have no idea what will happen next. The decision which the government will take will be implemented in the state colleges of the state.

Semester system is the problem for girl students

According to Sridev Suman University Students’ Union President Ramita Rawat, the semester system in studies are a hindrance in the rural environment, especially for the girl students. Village girls cannot come to college every day. 90 days attendance in a semester is mandatory. Many girls from rural areas have passed with Gold Medal from the first annual examination system. My personal opinion is that the state government should finish the semester system from the coming education session.

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