Clement Town people face traffic, open dumping and urination issue, no action taken

Problems are in loads in the Post Office Road in the Clement Town area. There is neither cleanliness nor toilet facility. On top of that, people from the post office road are upset with rash driving. The problem of jam arises on this road every morning and evening. Local shopkeepers and people have complained about these problems many times to regional representatives, but the problem remains the same.
From the Saharanpur Main road in Clement Town area to the post office, it is known as Post Office Road. On this road, there is a large market along with Graphic Era Institute. There are many problems in this area, but the main problem here is the cleaning and toilets.
On the empty plots on the roadsides, there are garbage dumps. Drains are full of dirt. According to the local people, there are some factories of juice within the area. Due to no arrangement of dumping areas, they put garbage in empty plots every day. Sometimes there is no effect even after forbidding. Along with this, there is no single toilet facility on this road.
Due to this, local shopkeepers, customers and people who visit the area face trouble. People are forced to urinate in the open. There is a bad condition in the drains too. Drains are broken in many places and dirty water flows to the road.
Along with this, the people of the area are also worried about rash driving and jam. The locals told that the young have been rash driving here every evening. Many times a complaint was made to the police in this regard, but there is no one to listen. Every morning and evening, the condition of the jam on the road is a common view. People have to face a lot of trouble.

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