Cleaning project of Rispana and Bindal river, loosing importance due to bad habits, begins

The municipal corporation has started drill once again to revive the rivers like Rispana and Bindal due to dirt and pollution. In the presence of Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama and District Magistrate SA Murugaon, the officers of the district administration, municipal corporation, MDDA, irrigation department met in the municipal corporation, chanting on making the issue on clean and tidying the rivers.

It was agreed in the meeting that the Irrigation Department would survey the two rivers within three days to assess how much dirt is in the rivers and how much budget and resource would be needed to make them clean. It was also decided that with the Municipal Corporation, MDDA, the funds from the budget of the Disaster Management Department will be provided by the district administration for the cleaning of rivers.

Mayor Sunil Udyal Gamma said that it should be ensured that both the rivers have been cleaned before rainy days. He said that a budget of Rs. 50 lakhs will be provided for cleaning the rivers on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. Also, the legislators will be requested to make the budget clear from the legislative fund so that there is no shortage of budget.

District Magistrate SA Murugaon said that the budget will be provided by the District Disaster Management Department. It was agreed in the meeting that a meeting will be held shortly after two days in which the remaining aspects will be discussed. Municipal Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey, Development Authority Vice President Ashish Srivastava, Additional District Magistrate Bir Singh Budhial, Deputy Commissioner Neeraj Joshi besides many officials of the municipal corporation, irrigation department and district administration were present.

Both the rivers lost importance
Sometimes, Rispana and Bindal river flowing past the middle of Doon are on the verge of losing their existence. To revive the two rivers, many schemes have been made by the government, and municipal corporation but the rivers have not been able to get rid of pollution. There is so much dirt and debris in both the rivers that they do not seem to be seen as rivers. Research done by Society for Pollution and Conservation Scientists (SPECS) revealed that there is so much quantity of chromian, zinc, iron, glass, manganese, grease, oil in the waters of the two rivers, that to use the water from the rivers is calling for danger to life.

Efforts are being made to clean the rivers before rain. A budget of 50 lakhs will be provided to clean the rivers from the municipal corporation. Apart from this, financial help will be sought from MLAs besides MDDA, Irrigation Department and District Administration. Making our rivers clean, neat and tidy is our priority. Read more posts…

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