Clean Survey 2019: Indore’s model and people’s mentality will change only by the change of thinking


With the cleanliness model of Indore city of Madhya Pradesh and changing people’s thinking, Dehradun can move towards cleanliness. Without the participation of the public, neither the city will change nor will be any change in the system. Along with the municipal corporation, we also have to decide our role for cleanliness. At least Indore’s cleanliness environment is giving this message.

Dehradun municipal corporation also has to formulate the strategy on which the Indore worked on the theory of change in cleanliness. Like the people there, we have to be aware of sanitation. The responsibility of cleaning is not only of the corporation but also ours. We always put the municipal administration in the dock for dirt spread in the city.

The main reason of Indore for staying in first place for the third time is also the conscious people there. Indore is the first city in the country that completely eliminated the trunking ground and started new experiments there. At the same time, talking about Doon, Solid Waste Management Plant has just started here last year. Where the entire garbage is not collected currently. People are throwing garbage outside the house instead of in the door-to-door garbage collection vehicle.

Difference between Indore and Dehradun
Standard Issue Dehradun Indore
Direct Observation 1250 603 1241
Service Level Progress 1250 559 1129
Public Feedback 1250 156 1239
Certification 1250 25 1050
Total 5000 1343 4659

So Indore became the number one city in the country
-Indore is the first city in the country where the trunking ground is completed. There are continuous new experiments in places.
– Collection of 100 percent processing, building material, and poor construction materials and disposal
– GPS and control rooms for monitoring vehicles engaged in the garbage, separate TV screens for every zone
-work of home composting from wet wastes in more than 29 thousand households
– Country’s first disposable free market
-The first city where the presence of millions of people organized for two Zero Waste Event

Dehradun got the 384th position which cannot be called good. The responsibility of cleaning is not only of the Municipal Corporation but also of the public. We hope that through public cooperation, we will get a better place in the next clean survey.
– Sunil Uniyal Gamma, Mayor Dehradun
Enough efforts were made to improve the ranking. Despite that, there are some drawbacks. Although we had expected better ranking. Efforts will be made to rank better this year.
– Vinay Shankar Pandey, Municipal commissioner

Indore’s model is quite great. The team of the corporation should be sent there so that the rank can be improved by establishing the model here. People also have to be aware of. Read more posts…
– Anup Nautiyal, Founder Speed Foundation


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