Childhood lost in picking garbage, 53 school-going children beg after school hour

In Uttarakhand, under the Mukti operation, 119 people in urban areas have been found active in the begging business. Among these, there are 53 children who are begging after school hour due to family conditions.

There is many such children who are losing their childhood in collecting garbage and selling balloons. Police have identified 219 such children, who are to provide educational opportunities under mukti operation.

On the initiative of Director General of Police (Law System) Ashok Kumar, operation is going on in all the districts of the state. In the first phase, work is going on for marking children in begging, garbage picking, selling balloons and also drunk. DG Ashok Kumar will be presented a district wise report in the meeting on May 15 at the Police Headquarters.

In the same case, Senior Superintendent of Police Nivedita Kukreti had organized the team under the leadership of CO-City Shekhar Suyal and gave responsibility to identify such children in Bindal, ISBT, Deepnagar and Cantt, etc.

The family horoscope has been prepared by adding about 292 children of these areas in the ambit of operation mukti. SSP Nivedita Kukreti discussed the survey report on Monday with CO City Suyal.

This is Police survey report
Beggar -119
After school, children begging- 53
Garbage collecting children – 59
Children who sell balloons – 44
Children found in drunkenness – 3
Children connected with outside states – 126

In the first phase of the city area, 292 children have been identified. There is a large number of children begging. In the second phase, opportunities for education will be provided to these children through the Early Childhood Movement and other NGOs, so that they can come forward to realize their dreams. Along with this, awareness of the family will be encouraged to improve the quality of life of the children. There is also a plan to provide employment opportunities to the family members through government schemes.
– Nivedita Kukreti, Senior Superintendent of Police

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