Chardham yatra filled with wounds caused by the disaster, a high record for faith for the first time

Chardham Yatra

The famous Chardham visit to Uttarakhand broke all the old records this year. After the 2013 disaster, the Chardham Yatra suffered a major setback. Even after this, the journey was very slow for two-three years. However, then the number of passengers kept increasing year after year. This year, a record influx of passengers has been recorded in Hemkund Sahib, including the four dhams, which healed the wounds received from the disaster.

The Chardham Yatra was also duly ended with the closure of the Badrinath shrine on Sunday. Looking at the figures, after the disaster, record passengers reached all the dhams this year. The special thing is that since the opening of the kapat, this time there was a rush of passengers in all the four dhams. However, the journey was quite slow during the monsoon season, but soon after the rainy season, the yatra again gained momentum and did not decrease till the closure of the trek.

After the 2013 disaster, this year’s journey proved to be better in many ways. The smile returned to the faces of thousands of people associated with the Chardham Yatra, directly and indirectly, along with transport businessmen. It can be said that this time’s journey has done a lot of healing on the wounds of the disaster.

Most travelers reach Badrinath

In this year’s Chardham Yatra, the highest number of travelers reached Badrinath Dham. AK Srivastava, the personal assistant of the travel administration organization, says that this time, at least four lakh 65 thousand 534 pilgrims reached Yamunotri Dham. In Gangotri, this number was five lakh 30 thousand 334 and in Kedarnath one million 21. However, the maximum number of 12 lakh 44 thousand 993 pilgrims visited Badrinath. Apart from this, two lakh 40 thousand 133 passengers paid obeisance at Hemkund Sahib.

Passengers reached all four places in the past years

Dham,                       2015,           2016,                   2017,                  2018,           2019
Gangotri,                160192,       28465,                  399438,             447865,     530334
Yamunotri,            122926,       159724,                 391508,             394445,     465534                
Kedarnath,            1054435,     309734,                471054,              731991,      1000021
Badrinath,             816491,       652469,                930233,              1048051,   1244993
Hemkund Sahib,   68073,       108825,                129709,               159103,      240133


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