Chardham Yatra 2020: Now pilgrims will be able to stay overnight at Badrinath Dham, permission to open a guesthouse

Badrinath Dham

Apart from GMVN, temple committee, two private guest houses are also allowed
System of administration in view of problems due to highway closure

At Badrinath Dham, devotees will now be able to take a night’s rest. Apart from the guest houses of the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) and the Mandir Samiti, the administration has also allowed two private guest houses to accommodate the passengers. The administration has made this arrangement in view of the difficulties faced due to the closure of the highway.

The pilgrims have been allowed to visit Badrinath Dham from July 1. At present, only devotees of the state can go to Badrinath. Due to the absence of night rest in Dham, the passengers had to come to Pandukeshwar, Joshimath, and Peepalkoti for night rest.

The onset of the rains had become more difficult. In particular, there is trouble for Lambagarh passengers. Due to its closure for many hours, the passengers have to face problems. In view of this, the administration has taken this step.

365 devotees pray in Badri-Kedar

The number of daily visitors to Badrinath Dham has reached more than 200. On Thursday, 236 people visited Badrinath Dham and 129 at Kedarnath. With the arrival of the passengers, Raunak is also returning to Badrinath Dham. As many as 2596 pilgrims have visited the Badrinath Dham as part of the yatra which started from July 1. Now the administration has also arranged night rest for the passengers, which is expected to increase the number of passengers. At the same time, 129 people visited Baba Kedar in Kedarnath. Law-Go ML Anjwal said that only after the necessary documents and investigation of all the devotees have been sent to the Dham.

Paved road in Lambagarh

The Badrinath highway stops repeatedly at Lambagarh, forcing commuters to wait for hours. Now the administration has made a walking route here. If the highway takes too long to open due to the closure here, passengers can cross this route on foot and go to the other side and travel with other vehicles. SDM Joshimath Anil Chanyal said that a walkway has been made for the convenience of the passengers. An alternative route is also being prepared. This will lead to the movement of vehicles when the highway is closed.

The Badrinath highway is being closed again and again in Lambagarh. Arrangements have been made to stay in the Dham itself so that the passengers do not get disturbed.
– Anil Chanyal, SDM, Joshimath.

50 percent of beds will be kept reserved

GMVN guest house will have 50 percent bed reserves. Only 50 percent will be booked online. This is because if the passengers are trapped at night, then they can easily get beds available.
-Pan Singh Bisht, Regional Manager, GMVN.


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