Chardham Yatra 2019: Yamunotri Highway has been closed for a quarter of hours due to debris


Due to the debris on Yamunotri highway this morning, dozens of vehicles were stuck on both sides. According to the information, at about 10 O’clock in the morning, the debris on the road came from the hill in Chhatagadhar on the highway because of which the highway closed. There was a long queue of vehicles on both sides. However, after a quarter of the hour, the highway was opened with machines.

These days, the work of breaking the rock near the Chamoli market on the Badrinath Highway is going on at high rate. Due to hill cutting work for highway narrowing here, the vehicles are stuck for hours. On Thursdays, it also stopped for an hour. On the part of the police administration, the movement of small vehicles is being done by Chamoli-Kothiyalsan-Nandprayag Motor Marg. For three days, work of rock cutting in Chamoli is being done by NHIDCL (National Highway Infrastructure Development) under the All-weather Road Project.

On behalf of District Magistrate Swati S. Bhadauria, NHIDCL has been instructed not to cut hill anywhere on the highway after 30th April. In view of this, the hill cutting work is going on aggressively from Gauchar to Helang on the highway these days. On Thursday, due to hill cutting work, the road was jammed for an hour near the Chamoli market. On the part of the police, the movement of small vehicles is being done by Kothiyalasain-Nandprayag route, while the movement of big vehicles is being done at Badrinath Highway in an hour’s intervals. After the hill cutting, the highway will be upgraded and demagnetized. Ankit Sharma, Assistant Engineer, NHIDCL, says that the highway will be chalked up before the Chardham Yatra starts. Read more posts…


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