Chaos and traffic on the roads owing to saffron lovers

News In Dehradun

Supporters of BJP during the procession on Monday on the major roads of Dehradun have created chaos and traffic issues for the commoners. The procession of BJP candidate Sunil Uniyal Gama started from Party Office near the Parade ground till Municipal Corporation of Dehradun. The time being the end of schools for the day, the students and their parents had faced problem in clearing the area. Distraught Inderpreet Singh said, β€œIt took me over an hour to cover a distance of just three kilometres from the school where my son studies to my residence in Nehru Colony today. Normally it takes just ten minutes to cover the distance. The election commission and the State Government should ensure that processions are not allowed to pass along the major roads of the city and particularly during the peak traffic hours.’’


Tuesday would be the last day for filing nomination and the same situation might be faced, said the secretary of the Uttaranchal Bank Employees Association and the mayoral candidate Jagmohan Mehendiratta. He ascribed the jam to factors like the delay in the declaration of the election and the resultant delay in the announcement of the official candidates. Mehendiratta suggested the closure of schools in the vicinity of Municipal Corporation of Dehradun on Tuesday to prevent traffic snarls and other associated problems.



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