CCTV-GPRS equipped buses will run on Haridwar-Doon route

CCTV-GPRS equipped buses

For the passengers traveling on Dehradun and Haridwar route, the Transport Corporation has added three more buses to the fleet of Haldwani depot. These buses are equipped with CCTV and GPS. With this, the journey of the passengers of these buses will be safe and the corporation will also get the news of these buses moment by moment. According to the officials concerned, soon after the completion of the paperwork, the three buses contractually joined will be operated from Haldwani to Haridwar and Dehradun. Haldwani depot in-charge Ravi Kapri said that the headquarters has given one new and two transferred buses to the depot. Two of these buses will be operated from Haldwani via Haridwar-Dehradun and one bus from Haldwani to Rudrapur via Haridwar-Dehradun.

Benefits of GPS
– The location of the bus will be known.
– Whether or not the bus went on the route or returned from the middle route, it will also be known.
– How many km the bus has run will be known.
– Where the bus stopped on its scheduled route and where not, it will also be watched.
– You will get information about getting stuck lying in the middle of the bus.
– Driver-operators will not be able to change the route on their own.

Benefits of having CCTV
– Actual information about how many passengers boarded the bus on the operated route.
– Information about misbehavior made with the driver operators passengers in buses will be available.
Complaints such as the driver not stopping the bus at the stoppages and driving the bus before the passengers get off will also be curbed.


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