CBSE directives, now students with less than 75 percent attendance will not be able to take the exam

Admit card will be issued only to those who fulfill the eligibility for attendance

CBSE has issued orders for not less than 75 percent of the candidates to appear in the exam in class 10th and 12th. The admit card will be issued to the students who fulfill the eligibility for attendance.

CBSE Dehradun Regional Officer Ranbir Singh said that CBSE examinations are starting from February 15. The exam date has already been released by CBSE. However, students will be given an opportunity to explain the reason for their low attendance. For this, they have to provide documents. These documents will be submitted by Tuesday.

These documents can be given for these reasons
On citing illness: Students will be required to provide medical documents, medical and X-ray reports along with other documents along with the request of parents. The format issued by the school will also have to be filled in.

On the death of the mother or father: In such a situation death certificate has to be given along with the request of a guardian. With this, the school will have to perform.

Reasons for Sports Competition: The parent’s request letter will have to be submitted along with the documents related to the organizing institution. Apart from this, a fixed format of school will also have to be installed.

For other serious reasons: In this, along with the request letter of the guardian, the supporting students of the concerned authority will have to be engaged.

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