CBI will investigate NRHM drug scam, many officials may be trapped

CBI will investigate NRHM drug scam, many officials may be trapped

CBI will investigate the NRHM drug scam. On the recommendation of the government, the Central Headquarters of the CBI has issued a notification. The CBI has sought permission from the government to investigate the officers and employees involved in the scam. Now hopes are high to clamp down on those involved in the scam. It is alleged that there have been attempts to influence the investigation by terrorizing the officials from many levels.

The genie of NRHM drug scam has come out of the bottle again. The central government had implemented a scheme to distribute free medicines to hospitals under the NHRM. The investigation was handed over to the CBI after drug scams surfaced across the country. In 2010, several crores of drugs were found in the drain in Roorkee.

When the matter arose, the government ordered an inquiry. Through certain manipulation, the investigation was tried to be suppressed. In 2014, the investigation was handed over to the State Information Commissioner. The commissioner is alleged to have threatened to kill the commissioner several times to influence the investigation. As the pressure of investigation increased, the government recommended the CBI to investigate the drug scam. CBI headquarters has issued its notification.

According to sources, the CBI’s Dehradun headquarters has sought permission to conduct an inquiry against the officers after receiving the order of the headquarters. On getting permission from the government, the CBI will start to open layers of the drug scam, because the CBI has done a lot of homework before on the drug scam.

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