“ Careless officers can be sent home with VRS…”- CM Rawat

Careless officers can be sent home

The government is now preparing to give VRS to the careless officers in the state. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that the responsibility given to the officer should be done responsibly. If the officer does not work, he can be sent home by giving VRS.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has taken this stand on the pending preparations of officers in the review meetings and questions arising on negligence towards work. The state government is currently working towards making the working of the officers transparent and accountable. The government has started reviewing the work of officers and employees of the state. In this episode, the Chief Secretary has already asked the departmental secretaries to assess the functioning of officers and employees. Such officials are being marked who have allegations of corruption or the functioning of the officers whose work style is ineffective and whose previous record is not satisfactory in this regard.

Meanwhile, officials, who are missing through various meetings have been offering a lot of pressure on the government. Despite many instructions, the matter of not working is coming out. Now soon the Chief Minister is reviewing the review meeting. He has clarified that meeting with incomplete preparations in the meetings and playing on mobile will not be tolerated at all. The officials will have to understand their responsibility. He said that the officials have been given the responsibility to do more work, not to do “Kamchori”. Any officer cannot escape from work by discarding a job. The government has made mandatory retirement law. If needed, such officers can be sent home.


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