CAG annual report: loss of 14.28 crores due to negligence of officers of Forest Development Corporation


CAG raises questions on officers of Forest Development Corporation in its annual report
Corporation officials were unable to deduct the Lato allotted between the years 2013 and 2018

Due to the negligence of the officers of the Forest Development Corporation, the forest department lost royalty of Rs 14.28 crore. The CAG has also questioned this negligence. The CAG’s annual report said that the forest department had allowed the felling of trees in six forest divisions.

Permission for truncation of 20 Latos and 15 Latos of Divisional Forest Officer Terai Central was allocated by Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation on behalf of Divisional Forest Officer Ramnagar during 2013 and 2018, but they were not cut. It was revealed in the audit that the Forest Development Corporation did not cut down on time, causing a loss of Rs 14.28 crore to the forest department as royalty.

The Ramnagar Forest Division also apprised the officers of the Forest Development Corporation about this, but the trees were not cut down. On the other hand, the Divisional Forest Officer, Terai Central also took up the matter with the Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation, yet could not cut the trees. According to the report of the CAG, 40957 cubic meters of wood was not produced due to non-felling of trees. Due to which royalty of 14.28 crores could not be received.

When the matter was raised before the government, the top officials sitting in the government replied that all 15 Latos of the Terai Central Forest Division have been allotted to the Forest Development Corporation again for reaping in 2018-19. At the same time, in respect of 20 Latos of Ramnagar Forest Division, it was informed that one lot has been cut while the rest of the lot is being cut. At the same time, when an attempt was made to seek information from the Managing Director of Forest Development Corporation, Manish Malik, he could not be contacted.


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