“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw. As rightly said, the real love of life is food and to live happily, have good food. Dehradun is a hub of incredible restaurants with mind-blowing varieties of food. There are numerous restaurants in this city, with varieties, that range from Chinese to South-Indian, North-Indian, Punjabi, and whatnot.
Here you can have a taste of every delicacy, with an amazing ambiance and view.


Kalsang Ama Cafe DehradunOne of the oldest and traditional cafes in Dehradun, this café has been open for years now and offers a wide range of varieties of baked goods and yummiest dishes, including a few made with some special native ingredients. The ambiance of this place, the food they serve with a courteous and professional staff. With the specialty of amazing pancakes that are famous all over Dehradun to, mouth-watering and best Thai and continental delicacies this place is worth a visit.


Y CAFÉ AND RESTARAUNT Dehradun Set within a luxurious white house hotel, this café in Dehradun serves authentic Italian food. With its beautiful antique look set in white color, the ambiance of this place is mind-blowing as its food. The place is a beautiful attraction for people who want to spend some alone time with tasty food and a book in hand. This place has an amazing collection of books for every age group, and also a range of musical instruments for the guests to entertain themselves.


70 PERCENT CAFÉ DehradunThis place is one of the new establishments but offers a huge range and variety of foods. Anyone looking for a tasty meal while following a strict diet must visit this place. With an array of exquisite dishes to diet food this café in Dehradun offers not only just yummy dishes and a great ambiance but also most photogenic dishes. You can have many games available to play while having the yummiest dishes. Amazing stakes for both vegetarian or meat lovers and prettiest photogenic momos are favorites. With their specialty in waffle cakes, this place is a perfect must-visit for celebrating birthdays to romantic dates. This café is located in an easily accessible place.


JALAPENOS Cafe DehradunA restaurant set in the beautiful scenery of Dehradun, which offers quality home-made food. With the tangy red colors, this cute café in Dehradun has its own different aura which can make anyone fall in love with it. With amazing Mexican and Italian dishes with a hint of Indian Tadka this restaurant offers the most amazing mouth-watering dishes that can rejuvenate your palates. The ambiance of this place is something of another level. And the restaurant is famous among couples for spending some amazing time on beautiful dates.


THE PRANKSTER MONKEY Cafe DehradunGood food and music make everything great. This place is lays perfect on this saying. A favorite place of college students to visit to tasty food and booze. This café in Dehradun is famous for its melodious atmosphere. Good food with mood-lifting music is all one need’s after a hectic day. A perfect place to visit and chill out with friends, and a spacious garden where many events are organized. TPM is one of a kind places in Dehradun.


PATIO TERRACE Cafe DehradunWith an amazing view of the Doon valley, this is one of the best terrace garden restaurants in the city. With both indoor and outdoor seating available, and yummy, tasty, sizzling food, this a place is all you could ask for. The open-air setting with top-notch service gives an unforgettable experience of rooftop dining.


MIRABILIA Cafe DehradunOne of the most sought fine-dining places in Dehradun. A part of IDA Hotel Dehradun, it is one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Dehradun. From alluring poolside dining to classy indoor-dining, this place offers a variety of food and drinks. A place perfect may it be for a lunch or brunch, or a candle-light dinner date, it is in the beautiful setting of Doon valley, which gives it an exquisite look. The ambiance is to lift up your mood, and the food to satisfy your cravings.


EDDIE’S PATISSERIE AND COFFEE SHOP DehradunThis place is famous for its mouth-watering and beautiful desserts. It offers a variety of food ranging from tasty cheesy sandwiches to yummy chocolaty brownies. With a beautiful outdoor setting filled with vibrant colors, this café in Dehradun is perfect to chill with friends and family. After a tasty savory dinner, a must-visit place for all the people with a sweet tooth to satisfy their dessert cravings.


WAFFLES AND CREPES DehradunThese words waffles and crepes already make anyone drool. The picture we imagine of tasty waffle topped with a fulfilling scoop of ice-cream or an amazing exquisite crepe, makes us fall in love with food over and over again. The gorgeous interior gives an ambiance to this place. The highly recommended must-tries are pizza crepe, chocolate-chip waffle, vanilla crepe


A Place Called Edina Dehradun A safe haven for bibliophiles, this place with its mini library offers a great collection of books alongside tempting dishes that you can’t wait to try. The flavourful dishes present in a magnificent manner is food for both your belly and thoughts. It is a cozy place where you can spend hours and hours without wondering what’s going on in the world.

Dehradun has a wide range of restaurants that offer alluring, divine, and palatable nouvelle cuisines. A perfect weekend can be spent, roaming around the city trying various food, may it be local restaurants that offer local dishes or bewitching cafes that offer finger-licking flavors. As Virginia Woolf has rightly said, ‘one cannot think well, love well, or sleep well if one has not dined well.’