Cabinet minister Harak Singh Rawat does not want to contest elections, wishes to settle in the village

Cabinet Minister Harak Singh

Cabinet Minister Harak Singh Rawat no longer wants to contest elections. He wishes to settle in the village and do self-employment. He said, ‘I have been contesting since the eighties, now there is no mood to fight.’ Harak credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP’s President Amit Shah for the BJP’s victory in all the five seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Said that “No one else should have any confusion about credit.” He said that the real test of the state government will be in the Assembly elections in 2022.

Talking to the media in Rudraprayag on Sunday after his return from Badrinath Dham after his visit to the cabinet, Cabinet Minister Harak Singh said that he was not in the mood to contest the Assembly elections due in 2022. Said ‘Desire is dead now yet again to become an MLA and Minister.’ On the question of not yet becoming Chief Minister, Harak said that “This is a matter of luck, it is not in my hands.” Few people are senior to him.

Expressing concern over the migration, he said that the worst-hit of the migration is on the Pauri district. Said that he is encouraging homestay scheme, flower and tea cultivation in his village to curb migration. In this, he wants to adopt self-employment by settling in the village so that a positive message goes in the state.

He said that as an MLA from Rudraprayag, he had started to open an agricultural college in Chirbatia and Sainik School in Digdhar, but is saddened that his construction has not started yet. Said that for this he will also talk to the Chief Minister. He said that similarly after three years, the nursing college could not start. On the question of joining the Congress, Harak said that there is no such plan now. When the BJP came, these were the conditions at that time, but again and again, such situations do not happen.


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