C-Vigil App: Uttarakhand at First place to solve complaints related to violation of Code of Conduct


Over 37,000 complaints have been registered in the C-Vigil app across the country for violating Model Code of Conduct, out of which more than 24,000 complaints have been disposed of. In the case of disposal of complaints, Uttarakhand is in the first place in the country, while Kerala voters have been the toppers in registering complaints.

For the first time in the Lok Sabha elections, the Central Election Commission has given the facility of C-Vigil App to register a complaint regarding the violation of Model Code of Conduct. Any person can download this app and complain about the violation of the Model code of conduct. From the returning officers to district level officers, the responsibility has been entrusted to the disposal of complaints filed in the app. According to the report of C-Vigil Apps, since the implementation of the code of conduct, a total of 37 thousand 45 complaints have been received in different provinces and Union Territories across the country, out of which 24 thousand 568 complaints have been disposed of. While 5827 complaints were disposed of by Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) and District Control Center (DCC) dismissed 6249 complaints because these turned out fake in the investigation. Uttarakhand is the first place in the country after disposing of 90 percent of the complaints received from this app. While Kerala is second, Madhya Pradesh is third, West Bengal fourth and Andhra Pradesh are in the fifth position.

Kerala, on the other hand, is in the first place in the case of lodging complaints in the C-Vigil app where the maximum number of complaints is 11058, the number of complaints registered in Madhya Pradesh (4804), Andhra Pradesh (4338), West Bengal (2784) and Uttarakhand (1792). In the matter of resolving the complaint, Uttarakhand out of 1792 received 1614 complaints and remained first in the country. So far, 10 complaints have been lodged in Daman and Diu, 13 in Goa, 14 in Arunachal Pradesh, 20 in Meghalaya and 21 in Sikkim.

Number of complaints registered
The province Total registered complaints Deliver Salvage Percentage
Uttarakhand 1792 1614 90
Kerala 11058 9753 88
Madhya Pradesh 4804 3813 79
Par. Bengal 2784 1818 65
Andhra Pradesh 4338 2151 50

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