By May 17, complain about arbitrary schools, BDO will file a complaint

arbitrary schools

BDO will file a complaint in all blocks, CEO released list

During the lockdown, complaints can be lodged by May 17 in the respective blocks of private schools that disregard arbitrary and government orders. BDO will lodge such complaints in all blocks. CEO Asharani Panuli has released a list of all BDO names and mobile numbers block-wise.

He said that any school that is repeatedly pushing for fees, asking for fees without studying online, asking for fees from a student who does not study online, or for any other reason, the parent can complain.

He can file his complaint by e-mail, WhatsApp, or in writing. The complainant must also write his / her name, class, school name, and the name of the block along with the complaint.

Block-wise posted block development officer

Block – Officer Name – Mobile Number
Chakrata – Anita Rana – 9456592258
Kalsi – Suman Kutiyal Dutt – 9411188134
Vikasnagar – Meena Bisht – 8171152451
Sahaspur – Shakuntala Shah – 9410365025
Raipur – Dhiraj Singh Rawat – 9719359321
Doiwala – Bhagwan Singh Negi – 630116800, 9997333519


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