By changing the number plate of the bus, the driver was bringing lakhs of luggage without tickets, exposed this way


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The bus reached Rishikesh from Delhi, the team investigated on the complaint

A driver of the Rishikesh depot of the Transport Corporation has revealed a big act. The driver changed the number plate of the bus and brought the goods worth lakhs of rupees to Rishikesh from Delhi without the ticket. The departmental team investigated the complaint and the driver-operator could not give any answer. The driver has been suspended by the headquarters on this. Simultaneously, the involvement of the role of the operator is also being investigated.

On 27 September, a bus (number UK 07-3082) from Rishikesh Depot was coming to Rishikesh from New Delhi. Driver Vinod Sharma, in connivance with a businessman, got the goods worth lakhs of rupees loaded into the bus. According to the rule, rent should be taken in lieu of this. However, the fare was not charged. Departmental officials formed teams on the complaint. The team started an investigation as soon as the bus reached the Rishikesh depot. There was a lot of luggage on the bus. When the officials involved in the team asked to show the luggage ticket, the driver-operator kept silence.

Goods being transported illegally in government buses
When we started the paperwork, it was found that the bus number had been changed. The bus number 07-3082 was run from Delhi. However, the UK number 07-3182 was standing in front of the team on the spot. The inquiry revealed that the driver had changed the number plate to avoid action. The team informed the higher officials about it at night. On Sunday, General Manager Deepak Jain suspended the driver Vinod Sharma with immediate effect. General Manager Deepak Jain said that the role of the operator is being investigated. If his role is found involved then action will be taken.

Driver-operators are carrying goods worth lakhs of rupees daily in connivance with the buses of the Transport Corporation. Due to this, the department is losing revenue of lakhs of rupees. In many such cases, action has been taken against the driver-operators. But the effective curb has not been found.


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