Bumper promotion in the education department, 100 administrative officers became senior administrative officers

education department

There have been bumper promotions of administrative officers in the education department. 100 administrative officers have been posted as new administrative officers and posted in new schools and offices. The promotion of administrative officials in the Education Department was held for a long time.

There was agitation on behalf of angry ministerial employees, but on Wednesday, the department has issued a list of promotions for the post of the senior administrative officer. In the list issued by Joint Director VN Singh, it has been said that on the recommendation of the departmental selection committee, administrative officers have been promoted to the post of the senior administrative officer.

Promotion is absolutely temporary. Which can be revoked at any time without prior notice. The order also states that if any court suit is pending in this regard, the promotion will be subject to the final decision of the court. On the other hand, the promotion of such administrative officers will not be considered until one year of recruitment.


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