Both the Kidneys failed due to pilot Baba, these severe diseases also appeared in the investigation


After being sent to jail in the case of cheating, Gethia resident Pilot Baba, who was admitted to Sushila Tiwari Hospital, has been undergoing several tests on Sunday. Baba’s two kidneys have been told to fail. Sugar has increased much. An attempt is being made to control it.

Pilot Baba gets bail, bail plea twice a day in case of cheating
Pilot Baba was admitted to Sushila Tiwari Hospital late on Thursday due to heaviness in chest, blood pressure, respiratory problems. Associate Professor Dr. Ashok said that on Friday his kidneys, liver, blood tests were done. Baba’s two kidnappers are working equally as well.

Baba’s echo was done on Saturday. Baba already has problems with blood pressure, sugar, and kidneys. His heart medicines are also underway. His livers, kidneys, blood tests were carried out. The investigation report found only chronic illness symptoms. Echo reports contain symptoms like in old reports.

Baba surrendered to CJM Court last Thursday
Kapil Advaita alias pilot Baba surrendered in CJM court on Thursday in a case related to the Ikawa Fraud. CJM Court and then the District Judge’s Court had rejected Baba’s bail plea. 82-year-old pilot Baba was sent to jail in judicial custody late in the evening.

Pilot Baba’s ashram, lifestyle to a facility of lift, photographs say they are not less than a palace
At around 12.30 pm, the health of Pilot Baba in the jail suddenly got deteriorated. The prison personnel immediately took him to BD Pandey Hospital. Dr. Hashim Ansari, posted in the Emergency, tested him there. Pilot Baba’s BP was high. He was having trouble breathing. The doctor referred him to Sushila Tiwari Hospital. Dr. Ansari informed that Baba is already under medication.

11 thousand people of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana were also cheated
The incident of fraud in Gethia was between 13 June 2008 to 25 November 2008. Against the Ikawa International Education Institute, Dr. Harish Pal, a resident of Haldwani, in the Talital police station gave a complaint letter. On the basis of this, the police had registered a case under sections 420 and 506 against Himanshu Rai, Kapil Advaita alias Pilot Baba, Ishrat Khan, Irfan Khan, Vijay Yadav, PC Bhandari, and Mangal Giri.

Harish Pal complained that others, including the founder, director, and chairman of Ikawa Himanshu Rai and pilot Baba, cheated and gave them 67760 rupees in the name of the computer center’s franchisee. He was frauded of being paid 50 thousand 50 rupees per month in lieu of this. Harish Pal alleged them to have grabbed an amount of Rs 320760 from him. 11,000 people of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, including Haldwani resident Nawab Hussain, Anurag Majila and Tabassum Ashfaq, were also cheated.

The remaining six accused in this case are still absconding
In 2008, a criminal case was lodged against the Ikawa International Education Institute in Baradari of Bareily and Fatehpur in Haryana. This case was consulted by CBCID. CBCID filed the charge sheet in the CJM Court on June 15, 2010, against all the seven accused after the verdict. Since then the accused have avoided facing the trial. Pilot Baba had appealed in this matter in the High Court.
The court had directed him to surrender in the CJM court and the court made hearing on bail application the same day. Baba surrendered in CJM Court on Thursday. CJM Mukesh Chandra rejected his bail application. After this, Baba filed a bail application in the District Judge’s Court. District Judge Narendra Dutt rejected the petition while hearing the bail plea of ​​Pilot Baba at 8 PM. The remaining six accused in this case are still absconding. Read more posts…


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