Boarding school gang rape case: Five people convicted, including the main accused, had abortions after rape

gang rape

The Pocso court today convicted the accused student Sarabjit 376 (D) of gang rape in the famous boarding school gangrape case of the capital Dehradun. At the same time, the school’s director Lata Gupta, Principal Jitendra Sharma, Chief Administrative Officer Deepak, his wife Tanu have also been convicted in different sections. They were all accused of concealing evidence, conspiring and aborting the student. Accused Aya Manju has been acquitted.

At the same time, the court has also sentenced the three minor students accused in this case to three years. All three were acquitted by the Juvenile Justice Board last year. Today, the Pocso Court has ordered the three to appear before the Juvenile Justice Board within three days of their sentencing.

This was the whole matter
In September 2018, a case of rape was reported in a boarding school in Sahaspur area. The incident was reported to have occurred on 14 August 2018. It was alleged that four of her classmates and senior students raped her and then the school management also miscarried her.

The matter was also kept hidden from his family members. As soon as the incident was revealed, the police arrested three minor accused and arrested an adult student. After this, five people including the director were arrested in the case of criminal conspiracy and abortion.


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