Board to prevent entry to temples to Corona rescue

Temple committees have also appealed to devotees to be vigilant to prevent corona. In order to prevent the gathering of temples in Navaratri, most of the temples have already prohibited from entering.

The Kali Mata temple has been closed by the temple committee after the lockdown. Here only the priests are reciting daily prayers. The information has been posted at the gate of the temple that devotees should not come to the temple for the time being, so that the corona can be prevented from spreading.

Apart from this, devotees have also been made aware for prevention of corona infection. The committee’s chief trustee Gagan Sethi said that the doors of the temple will remain closed till the government’s advance order. He informed that the grand events on Navratri have already been postponed.

At the same time, the Siddhapeeth Datkali temple has also been closed for devotees. Temple priest Raman Goswami said, “Keeping in view the current situation, care is being taken that the crowd of devotees should not be gathered in the temple premises.”

He told that there will be regular worship in the temple, but devotees have been appealed to stay away from the premises. The valleys of Mata Vaishno Devi Cave Yoga Temple at Tapkeshwar have also been closed for devotees. The founder of the temple, Acharya Vipin Joshi, told that there will be regular worship in the temple. However, the temple will remain closed for devotees.

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