BlackBerry Launches Wireless Charger In India, Learn about the Price and USP

Smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has launched its own wireless charger in India. Also, this is the first time that BlackBerry has introduced a wireless charger in addition to the phone. BlackBerry’s License is now with Optimus InfraCom and this company has launched this wireless charging pad in India.

The USP and the price of BlackBerry Wireless Charger
BlackBerry Wireless Charger’s output is 5 watts. It can be purchased from Amazon India for Rs 2,499, although the availability of this charger is not yet confirmed. This charger can be used to charge BlackBerry’s last year launched smartphone, Blackberry EVOLV X. At the same time, the company has also said that with its help, Android phones with wireless charging support can also be charged.

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Type-c port is given in this charger. In addition, this charger supports Quick Charge 2.0 and also has an LED charging indicator. There is a 6-month warranty with this charger. Its body has a strong grip so that it does not slip. Significantly, a few months ago Huawei has also launched its wireless charging pad in India, which costs 3,999 rupees. The output of this charger is 15 watts. Read more posts…

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