BJP legislator Kunwar Pranav Singh champion had slip of toungue again saying, ‘I am the lion, you are the jackel’

BJP legislator Kunwar Pranav champion facing the party’s investigation on controversial rhetoric once again slipped out. A news clip of his statement in social media is getting viral. In this clip, Champion is saying that he is the lion and he does not talk to the jackels. Clippings of his statement have reached the members of the inquiry committee. The investigating committee convener and state’s general secretary Khajandas said that if there’s any rhetoric, even after the warning, then the committee will take it very seriously.

The inquiry committee summoned both the legislators in their first meeting on Wednesday. Jharkhand’s party MLA Deshmukh Karwal appeared in front of the committee but just before the meeting with Champion, he traveled to Delhi a day earlier. He informed the convenor of the committee that he is going to Delhi for campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections.

When asked about this in the media during the campaigning in the media, Champion said that he was given the date of May 8. He expressed his inability. It was necessary to come to Delhi. He is campaigning for the party candidate Meenakshi from New Delhi Los. The party’s Moto, National First, Party Second and Self-Last. Elections are going on, so it was understood that he is in the election campaign. On the question of the lion and the jackals, Champion without naming anybody, said that he is equal to him in education, neither in strings nor in rank. He has won seven elections, while the first was won by mistake in the name of Modi.

Immediately after the formation of the inquiry committee, the two legislators were instructed that they would not make any such rhetoric, which caused the discipline of the party to get hurt. Whatever the facts will come to the committee, they will be taken into account.
– Khajandas, Convenor, Investigation Committee, BJP

These are very small things, it is not okay to fall into these things. I am in the election campaign. In Gujjar-dominated New Delhi, I have done the work of airing in BJP’s favor in the campaign.
– Kunwar Pranav Champion, MLA, BJP

The second meeting will be on 19th
BJP’s inquiry committee may be held on May 19. Khajandas, the convener of the inquiry committee, says that he will return to Uttarakhand on 18th May with the campaign for Lok Sabha elections. The next day will be the meeting of the inquiry committee, in which the party MLA Kunwar Pranav Champion will be called.

Champion in the campaign of Meenakshi Lekhi
BJP legislator of Khanpur Kunwar Pranav Champion is campaigning for BJP candidate Meenakshi Lekhi from New Delhi. On Thursday, he joined the public meeting organized in Kotla with his supporters. They were felicited on stage. Parliamentarian Hema Malini was also present on the forum. During this time, Champion attacked Gandhi and Nehru.

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