BJP leaders target Congress after watching the film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister

On the pretext of the controversial film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, the state BJP has targeted the Congress. BJP state president Ajay Bhatt, after seeing the film with other party leaders including the Minister of State for Higher Education Dr Dhan Singh Rawat, said that they have been hit by the incident, also the disclosure of Congress’s family has been done that is why Congress is making a noise about the film.
In the multiplex located in Rajpur Road in Dehradun, BJP’s State President Ajay Bhatt, Minister of State, Dr.Dan Singh Rawat, Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gamma, Chairman of the 22-point program implementation committee Naresh Bansal, liability holder Gyan Singh Negi, BJP state media chief Dr. Devendra Bhasin, Coal Media Chief Baljit Soni, State BJP Secretary Pushkar Kala and other BJP leaders saw the film.
In an informal conversation with journalists after watching the film, state president Bhatt said that the film is based on facts. Bhatt said that the film is being opposed by the Congress because of the many aspects of the Gandhi family’s reality being exposed.
He said that this film has been made on the book published in 2014 by Sanjay Baru, Media Advisor, and former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. He mentioned how a single family is dominated by the Congress, who keeps everyone at their fingertips, and how they humiliate if they do not listen to it.
He said that the Congress and the Ghadhi family have also been playing a game to hide the scandals and put things on the others as the case progresses, which is revealed in this film. After the demise of former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, there is also a disclosure of the issues related to the place for his memorial in Delhi. He said that Congress leaders do not have the courage to face the truth, that’s why they are scared.

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