BJP leader praised PM Modi, Congressmen woke up in anger

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In Rishikesh, the BJP’s General Secretary, Naresh Bansal, was sworn in by the newly elected officials of the Readymade Garments Federation. But during this time political frenzy broke out at the ceremony. On one hand, the code of conduct is implemented while on the other hand, the minister has got the chance to join the public forum to build a bridge of praise between the central government and PM Modi.

On this, the Congress office-bearers present at the ceremony busted out in rage. Meanwhile, between the general secretary and the executive president of the City Congress, had an argument. At a hotel in Doon Road, on Wednesday it was the swearing ceremony of the officials of the Readymade Garments Federation. In this, the general secretary Naresh Bansal sworn in the newly elected office-bearers of the federation.
After this,1 Naresh Bansal started counting the achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP and the Central Government from the forum. The Congressmen present at the function were furious on this and City Congress executive president Shiv Mohan Mishra objected to rhetoric.

He alleged that despite the Code of Conduct, the status quo is misusing his position. There was a lot of debate between Bansal and Shiv Mohan Mishra on this matter. However, after this, Congress left the function. Read more posts…


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