BJP is preparing to curb the legislators speaking ill


Unconvinced by the disputed speech of its MLAs and going out of the party’s guideline, the BJP leadership may advise legislators in an important meeting to be held on Monday. Although the points of the Gandhi Sankalp Yatra, panchayat and organizational elections have been decided mainly for discussion in the meeting, but a session will later be on discipline for the legislators. State President Ajay Bhatt indicated this after a late-night preparatory meeting on Sunday.

The state BJP on Monday convened a meeting of party MPs, MLAs, as well as the provincial office bearers and members of the district committees, constituted for the panchayat elections in the state office here. A meeting was held in the provincial office on Sunday night in connection with its preparations. The meeting, which was chaired by state president Ajay Bhatt till 10 pm, was attended by the party’s national co-general secretary organization Shiv Prakash, provincial general ministers organization Ajay Kumar as well as the three general ministers Raju Bhandari, Anil Goyal, and Khajandas.

According to sources, the situation arising due to the disputed speech of MLAs one after the other in the meeting was also discussed. It was emphasized that the MLAs should not go out of the party line and keep restraint on the voice, for this, steps will be taken to ensure compliance with the party guidelines. Beaking discipline will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

However, according to state president Ajay Bhatt, the meeting mainly decided the points of Gandhi Sankalp Yatra, panchayat elections and organizational elections of the party. It took a long time. He indicated that discipline would be discussed at the end of the meeting to be held on Monday. Also, legislators with bad speech can be advised. He told that in Monday’s meeting, National Cooperative Minister Shivprakash, National Vice President Shyam Jaju, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, State General Secretary Organization Ajay Kumar will also be present.

Party worried about indiscipline, preparing to take strict steps

The party leadership is deeply concerned about the issues of indiscipline coming continuously in the BJP and now it is in a mood to take strict steps. In this sequence, audio and video cases of MLA Umesh Sharma Kau and Rajkumar Thukral, which went viral on social media, can be placed before the party’s disciplinary committee. During the panchayat elections, the audio of MLA Kau went viral on social media against the party-backed candidate for the post of Zilla Panchayat member. In this case, the MLA has submitted a reply to the notice sent by the party. Now the controversial video of MLA Thukral has gone viral on social media. BJP state president Bhatt said that the reply of MLA Kau has come. It will be tested on Monday. The reply of MLA Thukral is yet to come. He said that if the answers of the MLAs are not satisfactory then both the cases can be referred to the party’s disciplinary committee.

CM said, no more such a statement

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said on the disputed statement of BJP MLA Rajkumar Thukral that such a statement should not be given by the persons holding the honorable posts.

In an informal conversation with reporters at an event held in Panditwadi on Sunday, the Chief Minister was asked questions on Rajkumar Thukral’s statement. In fact, a few days ago a video of MLA Thukral went viral on social media. In this case, the party has also given them notice. On the question asked in this regard, the Chief Minister said that one who is sitting on a respected post should not make such a statement.

On the possible problems due to the integration of Jal Sansthan or Drinking Water Corporation, the Chief Minister said that there will be no loss due to integration, it will not put any work on anyone.


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