Biometric system will bring cheaper food grains in Uttarakhand

Smart Ration Cards

After the creation of a smart ration card, more than 23 lakh consumers of the state will get cheap food grains through the biometric system only. Training of ration vendors will be imparted to the operation of smart ration cards, biometric systems, laptops, and common service centers, etc. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed in the Department of Food and Information Technology in this regard. At the same time, 75 percent work of the verification of smart ration cards and linking them to Aadhaar will be completed within a week.

Uttarakhand is going to implement the Central Government’s Ration Card Management System (RCMS). Under the RCMS, old ration cards will be replaced by new smart ration cards. This will increase transparency in the distribution of cheap food grains and kerosene, along with curbing fraudulent transactions in ration cards. The special thing is that the smart ration card will be linked to the Aadhar card of all the members including the head of the family registered in it. With the implementation of a smart card scheme, one family one ration card system will be implemented in the state.

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Secretary-in-charge of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs, Sushil Kumar said that 75 percent work of linking smart ration cards to Aadhaar will be completed in the next seven days. Aadhaar verification of 45 percent ration cards has been done. The process of computerization of ration shops is going on. There are more than 9000 ration shops in the state. Necessary equipment including laptops, biometric machines are being provided to every shop by the government. After the creation of smart ration cards, smart ration cards are to be made for 19 lakh ration card holders families belonging to the national food security campaign and about five lakh consumers living below the poverty line of the State Food Scheme and earning less than Rs 5 lakh annually.

All these 23 lakh consumers will be provided smart ration cards within the next two-three months. According to the secretary in-charge, cheap food grains will be distributed through the biometric system at the ration shops. He said that with the computerization of ration shops, they are also being developed as common service centers. Ration vendors will be trained in Internet service and operation of an online system. Vendors will be trained by the Department of Information Technology.


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