Bharti Airtel applied for licenses for mobile services during the flight

Indo Teleports, Bharti Group’s company has applied for licenses for calling and data services during the flight in domestic and overseas aircraft. Sources have given this information. The sources related to the matter told PTI that the subsidiary of the Bharti Airtel, Indo Teleports, has applied to the Department of Telecom for the said license. He said that the application is still under consideration. However, Airtel has not yet commented on this.

Last month, Hugh Communications India became the first company to get In-flight and maritime connectivity (IFMC) license in the country. Neilco’s wholly-owned subsidiary Tatanet Services also announced its license on March 6. The government had notified about the IFMC license in December last year.

It is significant that recently the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a show-cause notice to Airtel regarding the obstruction in DTH. Some DTH customers of Airtel had to face difficulties while moving into the new fee system and their DTH was closed.

According to sources, TRAI has sent a notice to Airtel this week and asked it to respond within three days. Speaking about this, the Airtel spokesperson said that some customers had to face a delay in the channels. The reason for this was a huge increase in the urgency in the last minute. The spokesman said that we are committed to ensuring compliance with all the regulatory rules. TRAI has issued a new fee order and regulatory system for broadcast and cable sector. Read more posts…

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