Be aware – Instead of being afraid of dengue, focus on rescue

It is not right to fear dengue unnecessarily. Get proper treatment and take precautions in case of fever. Most attention is needed, do not let the dengue mosquito flourish around the house. This advice was given by Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Manoj Kandpal on Sunday.  He made Sudhi readers from across Kumaon aware of the prevention and treatment of dengue through the phone. People need to be aware, Dr. Kandpal says that the biggest reason for increasing dengue fever is the people themselves. Mosquito larvae flourish in water stored in houses and surroundings. This situation was observed in most of the houses during an inspection. If people become aware then dengue fever can be controlled.

Larvae also grow in these places
– Water stored in utensils placed on roofs
– Long kept water in coolers
– Water placed in tires
– Rainwater collected

Follow these methods to protect
– Wear full body clothing
– Do not let the larvae flourish
– Use mosquito repellents
– Do not let the resistance drop

Keep these things in mind, Dr. Kandpal says that dengue fever is evident only after confirmation in ELISA test. If there is dengue then pain relieving medicines should not be taken. Consult a doctor after the fever lasts for a few days. There is no need to panic about dengue. Do not be afraid even when the platelets are low. If less than 20 thousand platelets start bleeding, then platelets need to be offered.

These people consulted
Kanta Pandey from Gangolihat, Chandrasekhar from Haldwani, Neema Paudiyal from Gaulapar, Leela Tiwari from Ranikhet, Surendra Singh Bhandari from Almora, Devi Ram from Ramnagar Jogipura, Vimal from Kotabagh, KC Kandpal from Kichha, Baleshwar Kafligar from Balwant Singh, etc. had consulted.

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