Banshidhar Bhagat needs young team, experienced and young leaders can get entry

Banshidhar Bhagat

BJP’s age drawer Banshidhar Bhagat needs a young team to enter Kurukshetra for the 2022 assembly elections. They are looking for experienced and young faces for their team. After taking charge of the organization, Bhagat’s chariot has gone on a tour of the state. Sources associated with the organization say that during his visit, Bhagat will not only work to find the pulse of the organization, but he will also keep an eye on the experienced, young and popular faces. If they like, they can become part of their team.

Bhagat said, “First I go all over the state and communicate directly with the people of the organization. I will announce the new team by March.” According to sources, Bhagat will return from the state tour to prepare for the formation of the new executive. The search for faces joining the new team may be completed by the last week of February or the first week of March.

Bhagat’s tenure as the Speaker is important in the sense that he has to lead the party in the 2022 assembly elections. In order to strengthen the party’s base in the elections, they need such leaders in the team who can sunbathe and sweat profusely. It is a common discussion within the party that the average age of members in a team can range from 30 to 50 years. As an exception, one or two faces above fifty may be part of the team. Otherwise, the command of the organization and its frontal units is in the hands of experienced and young faces.

The principle of one person one post will apply
The principle of one person one post will apply in the state BJP executive. Therefore, there are doubts about the entry in the organization of the officials who are in government status. There is also doubt about the party’s MLAs. At present, the party MLAs Khajandas and Pushkar Singh Dhami are the state general ministers, while MLA Munna Singh Chauhan is the state spokesperson.

Some will get a chance from the old executive

There is a strong buzz within the organization that only a few faces will return from the old executive. Ethnic and regional balance with experience and qualifications will be preferred. In this sense, those leaders of Kumaon, who are experienced but still have no responsibility in the organization nor in the government.

Contenders in manipulations

Contestants have been involved in manipulations to make a place in the state executive. The revision of central and senior leaders has also started. Since the executive has an important role in the election, every camp of the party is pushing for a place.


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