Badrinath highway near Baldauda restored, connectivity to many villages

On Friday, the Badrinath Highway, which was blocked by the rock near Baldauda, has been restored on Saturday. On Friday the highway was closed by the rock fall. To a record, there was no movement of vehicles on the highway while the boulder from the rock fell, which prevented a major accident.

The movement of the villagers of Pandukeshwar, Govindghat, Pulna, and Lamabgarh also got stalled due to highway blocking. Workers of Border Roads Organization (BRO) have done the work of removing boulders. Officials of the BRO also said that they will clean up the highway till Saturday.

The rain and hailstorm of the past one month have started to crack the mountain. On Friday, at four o’clock in the evening, suddenly from a large rocky hill near Baldaura big boulders came rolling to the highway.

Thereby the movement of vehicles was stalled here. On the information of the blockage of the highway, the BRO officials and laborers were on the spot with the JCB machine. After which the Boulders were broken by explosions.

BRO’s Commander SS Makkar says that the laborer and JCB machine were involved in making the highway smooth. Boulders were removed after the explosion.

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