Ayushman bharat yojana scheme: with the hope of free treatment, went to Bareilly, had to sell wife’s jewellery


With the Ayushman Bharat yojana health card, the villager who has been to Bareilly to get treatment for free to his wife have to sell wife’s ornaments. Not only this, the villager had to demand one lakh rupees loan from two acquaintances.

Kheema Devi, 64, wife of Govind Singh, a resident of Tallisar Khatigaon, was brought to Pithoragarh district hospital on February 4 after complaining of the heart problem. The doctors, after seeing the condition severely referred to the Higher Center and advised to take to Bareilly hospital.

As soon as he went to the hospital, he was asked to deposit 15 thousand rupees
On the advice of people being given free treatment through health card, Govind Singh booked a vehicle for five thousand rupees and took her to Bareilly. Govind Singh said that as soon as he went to the hospital he was asked to deposit the fees of Rs 15,000. When he showed a health card for no money and free treatment, then the hospital management told that the card is not used for treatment in this hospital.

According to Govind Singh, the doctors advised him to take his wife as she had only two hours to save her life. They told them to go somewhere else. After seeing no way, he called the acquaintance and ask for 50,000 rupees and the fee of 15 thousand rupees. After this his wife’s treatment started
On the second day of admission, he was asked to deposit 50 thousand more
On the second day of admission, Govind was asked to deposit another 50 thousand rupees, then a relative gave him Rs 50 thousand rupees. After this, when they demanded Rs 50 thousand rupees again, there was no way left, then he had to sell his wife’s two earrings then paid the hospital money. Govind Singh said that all the medicines were bought from outside in Pithoragarh district hospital and ECG was also done in private.

Health card is being provided free treatment facility in selected hospitals of the country and the state. If the cardholder has been registered in the list yet he is charged, the report will be sent to the state level if the complaint is received.
– Dr. Usha Jangpangi, in-charge CMO Pithoragarh


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