Auspicious time will start at this hour in the morning, but brothers are in awe of Corona


This time Rakshabandhan will be on August 3 on the day of Shravan month of Shukla Paksha. At the same time, siblings are escaping from the fear of the corona epidemic in Rakshabandhan.

Rakshabandhan Muhurat will start at 9:28 am. Acharya Vijendra Prasad Mamgain, the spokesperson of the Uttarakhand Vidya Sabha, said that August 3 is the last day of Saawan of Rakshabandhan. Therefore, this day has special significance. Bhadra will remain at 9:28 am on the day of Rakshabandhan.

Only then will it be auspicious to celebrate Rakshabandhan. It is said that this day is also an important day for Brahmin society in the form of renunciation. The people of Brahmin society change the Janeu by worshiping. It is believed that fathers also get salvation by this karma.

Brothers and sisters escaping movement on Rakshabandhan due to fear of Corona
The effect of the corona infection is also clearly seen on the brotherly love on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Fearing infection, the sisters are avoiding going to the brothers who are staying away.

Brothers are also advised not to come. In such a situation, there is a high load of sending rakhis to the post offices. The main post office (GPO) in Ghantaghar is crowding daily to send rakhi by post.

To counter this, seven counters have been installed in the GPO this time. 20-30 thousand rakhis are coming to these counters daily. More than one lakh Rakhi has come for the post in a week.

People have spoken –

-It is not safe to go out due to infection. I used to go to my brother’s place on every Rakshabandhan, but this time sent a rakhi by post. – Jyoti Sharma, Sanjay Colony
-I have also advised my sister not to come home on Rakshabandhan. First self-protection is necessary. If you are alright, you will give love to your sister in the future. -Ratnesh Jain, Guru Road
-I have sent a rakhi for brother by post. It was not safe to go to his place because of the infection. Brothers who are nearby will be tied rakhi. – Ruchi Jaiswal, Dharampur
-My cousin lives in Delhi. I have forbidden him from coming. This makes sense. The sisters who are nearby will come to tie the rakhi. – Lalit Mata, Niranjanpur


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